A Perceptual Shift

“Today I wanted to apologize for the question that I’ve asked a couple of weeks ago.

I realized my question could be a little bit scary.

And the question was,

How do I create authentic goals for my life? (might be scary!)

And if I have no idea about “what are my authentic goals?” I can be a little bit LOST.


Shifting our perspective to EXPLORE NEw possibilities

So today I wanted to use a metaphor inspired by the work of one artist that I love: Michael Murphy.

He has the gift to bring perceptual SHIFTS into his work.

In the video below you’ll see an example of one of his perceptual shift.

And we will use that as a metaphor for today.


Using your current goals to guide you

You see, instead of trying to FIND what is my authentic goal,

 I can USE what is ALREADY there.

Metaphorically, the goals that I have already created for my life are like the ‘black dots’.

It does not matter at this point if there are authentic or not.

What matters it that I’ve already created them for myself.



Now, would you be open to do one exercise with me? (if not, this is ok too.)

Yes? Great. Write down all the goals that you have created for yourself.

Take your time. Explore and Explode each and every goals in tinny little ‘black dots’.

Now, step back and ask yourself one simple question:

What do all my goals have in common?

A missing link?



Sitting down with the intention of finding what would be the missing link is already enough.

If you have an “AHA” moment, good for you.

If not, if you don’t see any links, good for you.

There is no right or wrong.

There is just a space created, for you to sit down, step back and take a new perspective on what you want to fulfill you life with.




That is the essence of a perceptual SHIFT.





Maybe the shift  is to have fun with your goals,

putting them in front of you in this world,

expressing your goals, desires and needs,

and playing with that, following your guts, following your intuition.


and who knows what you’ll find for yourself in the next couple of days…


  • Finding my authentic goals can be as simple as looking at my current goals…
  • What do all my goals have in common?

To help you grow