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Find the question you can live with.

Source: This article has been mainly inspired by a video from the series Life Loves You directed by Robert Holden PhD. I’ve been so moved by what has been shared in that video that I’ve decided to create the content below. I could not say how much the work of Robert Holden has inspired my practice so far.  I wish you’ll be inspired as much as I’ve been by getting curious about his work. Happy exploring everyone.


What is the most important question you could be asking yourself in your life right now?

If you think you don’t have a vision, you feel lost and you need to rely on someone else to guide you through life, that might be a good place to start taking over one simple yet powerful tool that is always available to you: asking yourself a question.

Today you will create your living question, a question that is inviting you to live.

What is your living question?

Questions are powerful.

They are invitation to inquiry.

They are also invitation to action.


So what are your current questions? And if you had to choose one question for the next 3 months, 1 year, 3 years… what would it be?


You have a gift, a gift to create your future and act on it.

How do I activate that super power of creation? By asking questions.


Today I’m asking you to come up with your LIVING question.

The question you could live right now.



Because inside your living question you’ll find an invitation to live a more meaningful life, to live a life of purpose.


The beauty of finding your living question is that you don’t need a plan, you don’t need a strategy to craft the perfect-smartest-strongest-ever-created question.


Have you ever noticed that most of the time, the question that had the most powerful impact in your life were actually very simple?






A living question can be like:

  • How can I love?
  • How can I live?
  • How can I serve?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What is true happiness?
  • What is success?

 The point is this is the question we AIM to resolve through our life. We have the INTENTION to resolve through our life. 

Now, the game is not to SOLVE the question, BUT to LIVE FROM.

And the more we stick with that question, the better because your living question can serve you really well.


Let me share one realization that happened with my coach Dermot Butterly.

Because what he did to me was to keep me in the game of STICKING WITH MY LIVING QUESTION: “HOW CAN I SERVE ONE PERSON TODAY?”

He asked me relentlessly for years one simple question:

“How can you serve that person?”

Each time I was struggling with my building my business, not know how to learn new technics, elaborate new strategies, draw new business plans, clarify my vision, he would ask the same (annoyingly simple) question: “How can you serve that person?”

until I woke up to THE question.

And one day, I started to see a transformation.

And how living by a simple question was transforming my business, increasing the quality of my service and in the end impacting many other lives.




This is OK not to know everything.

This is OK to stay open to what we still need to know.

We can afford to BE PATIENT with questions like 

  • How can I help?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How can I love?

Because those questions are gifts from our soul.

If we allow ourselves to be guided by the questions,

to allow the questions to become our guide on the quest of living a meaningful,  joyful, authentic life,

it can be very helpful to us.


Your living question is an invitation to SPEND TIME WITH that helps to live our life fully, completely, bravely, authentically.




If this is helpful

I’d love for you to share your living question with me.

This is not a marketing trick to sell something, I promise.

I’m genuinely curious about your living question, what inspires you, what is YOUR question you’d love to spend time with, tell me about the fun you are having choosing your question.

Starting a conversation with me, your friends, your family, your employees, I think, is also an opportunity for you to grow whatever is inside your living question. 

If this is something that resonate with you

you can go ahead and say “Hi” on this page! and share with me your living question.


How does it sound?


Happy exploring,