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THE #authenticconnection MISSION: 

connecting WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE, TO SERVE them so that they can see and decide to live a purposeful life.


Hello, I’m Stéphane Furderer. I help you: coach, entrepreneur, musician and emerging leader to create authentic connections – with yourself, your team, you art, your clients, your family – in a professional and friendly environment.

I’ve spent my life reinventing myself, working for Music, Finance and Tech industries for 10+ years.

I bring to the table my experience, my passion, my creativity, and professionalism to help my clients achieving projects that matter to them.

REINVENTING MYSELFwith a clear intention, and a CRAZY GOOD support, is the way I love to live my life.

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I’m looking forward to help you connecting with what makes your heart sing.