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How I started what matters.

October 20, 2020

Did you know that one conversation could change your life?

Welcome, Stéphane here. 🙂

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t know much about me just yet.

And I probably don’t know much about you either.

What a great place to start our conversation, isn’t it? 

In this post, I will introduce myself and also brainstorm some ideas about how you can use me to help you achieve what matters.

  • Who am I?
  • How can I help you?



I’m Stéphane, and I’m here for all the creative hearts out there like you who are looking to start what matters.

For the past 30 years, I’ve started things that matter at least 4 times:


  • Cello Player in my Hands
  • Mathematician in my Head
  • Life Coach in my Guts
  • Dad in my Heart


You’ll know my full story through our journey together. (I know you can’t wait!)


What is the best way to start what matters?

By Being me. 

My coach often says to me, Life is simple. And it really is.

So how would be the best way to start what matters? It’s very simple. 

By being me.

Every day,

I’m willing to create, …

sharing my energy with people, nurturing having a messy desk, daring to try stuff,

being amazed by how long I can be caught up in my head, teaching from my own mistakes, enjoying the silence of a conversation,

… and singing made-up songs to my daughter.

Be You.

Now, let me give you 3 ways to get the help that you want to start what matters.

1. Join the Mailing list: One month one theme.

You will love this because I’ll have done the work to aggregate the information for you.

We are more than saturated with information, so having someone who has done the work for you, sharing information you can trust is a great asset on which you can rely on.

I’ll introduce each month one theme that will support your journey to start what matters.

Each month we will focus on one topic like:

  • How to manage my time,
  • How to find my strengths,
  • How to increase your abundance,
  • How to live a purposeful life,
  • How to use the power of distinctions,
  • How to create habits systems to support me,
  • How to be a crazy good husband and dad,
  • How to create better relationships with your boss, your team, and your clients.


Don’t get me wrong,  I am a work-in-progress, certainly not perfect.

So I’ll teach from my own mistakes, belief systems, and bais.

This is why I want my coach to help to see them so that I can be on track with my mission and passion.


I’ll rely on science, art, and your inner wisdom to convey the right message.

If you think one email per month will be a good use of your time

I invite you to join the mailing list here.


2. Join the Free Facebook Group

Please head over to our awesome Facebook mastermind group [link to your Facebook group] and say hi to everyone else there!

And please, email me if you need a personal support, we are still a small group so I will take good care of everyone.



Let me know your story and your progress towards living a prosperous life. 

If I have your permission, I’ll send you a personal article, and audio or a video that will support you.

Because we are still a small group, I’ll reply personally to your emails.

I encourage to write me here: stephane[at]


I will reply to all of your emails within 72 hours.


I have your best interests at heart whether or not you’re using any of the resources available here.

I want to hear from you.

I encourage you to use fully one of those three ressources:

1. Join the Mailing List to receive monthly tips

2. Join the MasterMind Free FB Group to help you start what matters

3. Email me.

If I may, I’d like to say a final word.


START TO EXPLORE What moves you?

I wanted to quote a conversation between Krista Tippett and Father James Martin.

Father James Martin is a beloved Jesuit writer and teacher who says

desire is not selfish,

but rather a path to understanding our callings in life.

He believes everyone has a vocation we can find by asking: What moves you?


“We all have an image of the person we want to become — more loving, more open, more free. That’s a call,” he says.

What moves me? 

My mission and passion is to be seen as a skilled human being

who is creating an opportunity for as many people as possible

to help them see and decide to live a prosperous life

by having powerful conversations with them.

And you, what moves you?

I’d love to hear your story. 

What are your dreams, projects, desires?

I will reply to all of my emails. 


If you don’t know, I’d like to invite us to start our journey by looking at those 2 questions together.

1. Who are you called to be?

________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _

2. How would you know?

________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _ 


All my love,



PSEven if we are not physically together, my intention is to offer you a free space to ponder those last two questions. So please I’d like to invite you to turn your phone and screen off to pounder those questions 3 minutes.

PSS: And if you have taken the time to answer the 2 questions of the last section, definitely let me know. I have a special gift for you. Email me back at stephane[at]


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